The Book Geek Challenges Herself

I am a book geek.  I am a reader who refuses the e-reader.  I love the smell of books, the feel of the pages between my fingers, and the sound of a page being turned.  I could spend hours in a bookstore or library just feeling books in my hand.  But for all of my love of books, I realized that I have read very few classics.  Of course, I have read the classics that were assigned, but to actually pick up a classic and read it for the joy of reading it has not happened.

And so I come to you, my readers, with a noble quest.  I am challenging myself to read 100 classics.  I challenge my brain to stretch and conquer these sometimes hard to read troves of wisdom.

I welcome any other book lovers to join my quest and help me conquer this challenge.  Come walk with me through the pages of classics, old and new, and take upon yourself the challenge of reading 100 of them with me.



  1. I stubbornly refused an e-reader for the longest time. Then I won a Kindle and discovered that a lot of books are very cheap or free (including classics, so you may want to consider it at some point). I still didn’t use it much because I tend to have ‘real’ books on me and like to read places e-readers aren’t safe (like the tub) and in the case of textbooks I like to highlight the crap out of them. But the other day I came across a book required for a scholarship and decided to try download it on my iPad and it really wasn’t that bad. I really like the ability to highlight with my finger and add notes to what I’m reading and I could see using it more often. And I could read in bed without having to turn on a light. I’m not giving up my real books and in fact I have a stack in my wish list waiting for me to ace the classes I’m in so I can buy some more even though I have a few shelves of to-reads waiting for me. But it’s a nice supplement.

    • At some point I will probably look into it because this venture is getting rather expensive. I know that classics are generally free.

      • Yeah most of them are. Sometimes you have to scroll down a bit because the free version will be buried under .99-2.99 versions. Of your list the ones I have gotten free are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Pride & Prejudice, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers, and Anna Karenina. I’m sure there are probably more of them available though.

  2. You are giving me something to contemplate. I think if I can get at least 150 followers and over 100 hits daily, I will consider an e-reader.

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