Lover of All Books Humbly Thanks Mary Lemist Titcomb


With the advent of my 100 Classics Challenge, I got sentimental about my long history of book love.  I still remember the first time I sat down with The Fire Cat by Esther Averill.  It was the first chapter book I ever read alone, no help from Mom at all.  I remember struggling through each word the first time I read it and then later reading it again and again and again.  I would read it to my little brother and to my dog.  I loved that book and still own a copy of it.  This one small first reader book started the whole thing.  The whole lifelong love of reading.

When I was in grade school there were certain things that would always cheer me up but one of the biggest thrills was when that big huge bookmobile would pull into the school’s parking lot.  The smell of the bookmobile still lingers in my nose today.  The thought of driving around in a big huge bus filled with books, just seemed like the best job in the world to me.  I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity in the world.

So it was with these things in my mind that I decided to hunt on the history of the bookmobile.  I owe a lot to a librarian named Mary Lemist Titcomb, whose desire to bring reading to those who wouldn’t otherwise visit her library, started the whole thing.  Here’s a fantastic article on the subject, very enlightening


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  1. Here’s to the Bookmobiles of the world!!

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