The Sisterhood of Catherine Morlands


Do you ever find yourself standing in a room full of people and thinking “what in God’s name am I doing here”?  That’s pretty much me.  That’s how I feel most days.  Some days I think I have it figured out and other days I simply walk blindly through the revolving door of my world.  I believe I am a good person.  I care about my fellow humans, always tip the waitresses, and I always leave pennies I drop on the floor for little kids to find.
I think this is why I find Catherine Morland so relatable.  She’s awkward and doesn’t quite know what life will have in store for her.  She’s waiting for that moment to shine and not quite sure what to do when it arrives.  She’s plain and humble but she’s waiting.  I can relate to that part of her and I think that’s why this book has endured for nearly two-hundred years.  Why this simple little book about a simple little girl is read by grown women the world over.  It touches us deeply and holds onto that part of us that never feels exactly comfortable all the time.  We’re all a little unsure of our footing at times and that’s why we love Catherine Morland.  I want to believe that Jane Austen felt that same exact way and that we share a sisterhood of awkwardness.   Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s pretty good company to keep!
Now if I could just find a Mr. Tilney.  Any suggestions?

How_to_Catch_Mr__Tilney_by_midenian_lostie (1)



  1. I’ve never read Northanger Abbey, but this post makes me want to do so!

    • Oh I’m so glad that my post had that effect. It really is a great book.

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