Mourning a Book’s End



This has nothing to do with Northanger Abbey or Jane Austen, however, I had to share it.  I have felt this fiction mourning before.  It actually happened when I finished the Harry Potter series.  I have never apologized for my geekiness and I won’t even venture to try here.  But I have felt the mourning of a good book ending and the Harry Potter series took me quite sometime to get over.  It was like closing the book on a really good friend, forget the fact that you could open the book again if you wanted to, that’s simply beside the point.  The Harry Potter series was a big portion of my late teen years and early twenties.  Those books allowed me to leave some pretty nasty things going on in my life and just delve into a magical world for awhile, they helped me sustain.  When the books ended, it was not just the ending of an era but the realization that I didn’t need them anymore.  I had survived the worst and while I mourned the loss of the books, I realized that their therapy was no longer a necessary part of my survival.  Have you ever experienced the mourning for a book ending?  Please tell me I’m not alone here!



  1. You are not alone. I was really sad when the series ended. Then when the films ended too, I had PPD.

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