The 10 Ways to Know if You Qualify as a Book Geek

Book geek


If you’re going to be something, at least be proud of it.  If you’re a book geek, raise your hand.  “How do I know if I’m a book geek?”  Well, that’s a pretty good question.  Here are some ways you can tell:

  1. You’ve stayed up all night, even if you had an early morning, just to finish one more chapter.
  2. You’ve spent hours in a line for a book signing and still think of it as the best time you’ve ever had.
  3. You have been known to lose your breath when walking into a new book store.
  4. You get a new textbook and the first thing you do is sniff it.  And not the “hey I wonder if this ink will get me high” kind of sniff.
  5. You are boycotting all e-readers because they just don’t feel the same.
  6. You cringe when you see someone dog ear a page.
  7. You believe that writing, highlighting, or drawing in a book should be punishable in a federal court.
  8. You have been known to refer to real life people as fictional characters.  I once had a boss who I called Delores Umbridge, I still can’t separate the two in my head.
  9. You have been known to laugh or cry in public because of something in a book.
  10. You refuse to watch any movie until you’ve read the book first.  Let’s face it the books are always better anyways!

Got anymore that I forgot?


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