Wow, I am truly humbled!

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels


Wow, the response has been fantastic for this blog.  I started out with just a simple goal and I knew I couldn’t accomplish it alone!  Thanks for clicking on and helping me out, it is extremely appreciated.  I will continue to keep posting what I hope is thoughtful posts for each chapter.  I am truly humbled.  If I could figure out how to get my list of followers I would thank you all personally but I’m still a newb here!

Also, if you want to follow on me on Facebook that would be great as well.  I’m posting funny pictures, quotes, and quips on there.  Things that would just junk up my blog but are still worth posting.  Facebook link:



  1. classicsjournal

    To see your followers you want to go to your stats page on WordPress:!/my-stats/ If you scroll down you’ll notice a spot on the bottom left that says ‘Total Followers and Shares’ It will have the number listed there and if you click on the plus sign will show you the list of people who are following. Hope it helps!

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