Backstabbers and Contradictors


I have never understood this quality some women have of saying one thing and meaning another. That cult of contradictions.  I simply cannot be that way.  If I say something it is because I absolutely mean what I say.  I can never play coy or be mysterious.  I guess you could say I wear my heart on my sleeve.  If I am happy you know it, sad you know it.  Isabella and her brother are both that sort of person who is an enigma to me.  I just can’t figure out how to interact with those people.  And they do exist, even today.

They are the women who will be your friend to your face and rip you apart behind your back.  They are the women who marry men for money alone and have no desire to actually be married for love.  I can’t live that way.  My mind, my heart, and my soul simply will not allow it.

Do you know anyone like this?


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