The Seduction of Jane Austen


There is a sex appeal about Jane Austen heroines.  This is something that I have noticed for a long time now.  And no, I’m not talking about the sex appeal found in 50 Shades of Grey here.  It’s not an in your face, look at me, kind of sex appeal.  In fact, no one even kisses in her novels, it would have been quite untoward for an unmarried female to write such a thing, but you know they want to.  You know that under all those layers of muslin there beats the heart of a woman ready to be ravaged.  It’s part of what draws people to her books.

Now, I have voiced this opinion before and found that not everyone is in agreement with me.  Let’s look at some simple facts.  The Bennet family is probably the single horniest family of young women you’ll ever find.   Mrs. Bennet wants nothing more than for her daughters to be married off and you have to wonder how she caught Mr. Bennet to begin with.  We won’t even discuss Lydia, who should have been the poster child for the chastity belt.  In Catherine Morland, we find a young woman with some very wanton dreams.  Isabella is just waiting to become a tragic woman of one of her gothic novels.  She’s a persistent flirt.  Look at the dresses that are worn by the young heroines, they beckon for someone to seduce them.  It’s all about sex, the whole Austen thing.  Better yet, it’s about the quiet sex appeal that makes your imagination do the rest.

Could I possibly be wrong about this?


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