Calling All Book Lovers



There’s no greater words than “Once upon a time”.  Where will we be going?  Who will we meet?  What adventures await us?  These are the words that begin it all and take us to these fantastic places.  It is the unknown between the covers that always gets me and I adore the anticipation.  In the pages of a book you forget your troubles, you linger just a little while in a fantastic realm, and you brave the unknown with the courage of a knight.  Yes, books.  They are the unrealistic reality of many of my childhood days.  To show a child the love of reading, is to give them the gift of travel.  They can be anything between the pages of that book.  I assure you, that while I blog about particular books and my own epic quest, it is not the only challenge I face.  For I, a book lover of old, refuse to allow a single child to go through life without the comfort of a good book in their hands.  So I call to service all my fellow book geeks and ask you to please make sure you pass along your love of reading.  Whether this means helping a child learn to read, reading to a child, or giving books to children in need.  It doesn’t matter how you make this happen but we must do it.  There’s too many distractions and instant gratifications that make it next to impossible for children today to wait for the slow pace of a book but it is a possibility if everyone agrees that it’s a pretty important goal!  Will you take the oath to save a child’s imagination by turn their minds towards reading?



  1. I love to give and get books as a gift.

    I am so sad when I see children throw aside a book gift as if it was a pair of socks….but for many families that is the sad reality.

    Love your post!

    • Thank you. I’m huge on book gifts. I give them all the time. Generally I think everyone likes them. I guess I can’t be sure after I leave but in front of me they love them very much. Thanks for replying.

  2. I love books, and of course reading. It’s quite sad that many kids nowadays are so engrossed with their technology toys/gadgets that they no longer see how reading widens up views of things in the world. I grew up loving books because my parents instilled that love in me ever since I was small and I plan to do the same thing for my own too one day 🙂

    • I have been reading to my son since he was still in my belly. I used to sit there reading out loud to my belly and everyone laughed at me. My son started talking at 3 months old and had full sentences by the age of one, extremely advanced. I still think it has a lot to do with me reading to him while he was still in the womb. He’s a fantastic reader now. Neither of my parents are avid readers but I just loved reading. They always encouraged me, though.

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