The Daily Life of a Lady




A typical day for me usually appears to be a cross between a marathon and an insane asylum.  Yes, I am the mother of a teenager.  I don’t think I’ve ever shared that but I am.  This means that my life revolves around late nights, hormonal outbursts, and typically just trying to stay one step ahead.  I don’t ask for much but I would enjoy a good night’s sleep for once.  He’s a good kid but he’s a teenager and with that comes certain things.  Messy rooms, friends, phone calls, money money money, homework, and all the other joys that go with parenting these aliens that walk among us.  Now, this got me thinking, what would my life be like if I was living in Austen’s era?  I am sure it would not be as hectic and loud.  It certainly wouldn’t have the constant drone of electronics buzzing.  Distractions everywhere.  Here’s my proposed day in my life as a Jane Austen character:

  1. Wake up, stretch beautifully, hair is braided perfectly
  2. Eat a breakfast prepared by a cook
  3. Get dressed in an outfit that takes a team to get me into and that I can’t breath while wearing
  4. Sew a beautiful dress and create a hat that is to be envied
  5. Go for a long walk to my neighbor’s home where we have tea
  6. Listen to all the gossip on my neighbors
  7. Go home to prepare myself for a ball that evening
  8. Head to the ball where I watch my son, dressed in splendid array, dance with a beautifully rich young lady
  9. Stay at the ball until a ridiculous hour
  10. Head to bed, exhausted from my day

I think I could handle a day like that but if truth be told, I enjoy the craziness of my life!  Have you ever had a desire to leave this technology era for a simpler time?



  1. classicsjournal

    I love technology and basic modern conveniences too much. But there is a Romance in bygone eras.

    • I could easily give it all up. I honestly could. I can’t even remember the last time I actually used my cell phone. The computer would be a little hard to get over but I could manage if necessary. There are days when I just turn it all off and just “power down”.

      • classicsjournal

        I’m not a cell phone person either, I almost never use it. But I’m most definitely an internet person, I love having such a vast encyclopedia and access to like-minded people from around the world through blogs.

        I was referring more to the indoor plumbing, refrigerator, washer & dryer, dental hygiene, and good water. You’ll notice in Austen films they’re generally drinking wine, although it is because of the ball/dinner it’s also because water was pretty dangerous in the regency era. 😉

      • Oh yes, I do like a good indoor toilet and clean water. Although I live in Florida, so drinking the water around here can get a little iffy too. It gives me horrible stomach aches, so it’s bottled water or nothing. I know that children drank wine in that era for that exact reason. Yes, those are things that I enjoy as well.

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