The Unmitigated Book Dweeb Has A Gliche


As I have said through my entire blog, I make no apologies for being an unmitigated book dweeb.  Here’s more proof, if you needed it.  I love to look at pictures of bookstores.  They intrigue me and make me long to be there.  I want to sit in the seat, run my hand across the spines, and just enjoy being there.  This is a gliche with me.  I have to visit bookstores.  The clincher in my giddy up is the fact that bookstores are a dying breed.  Thanks to the internet and Amazon, they are slowly fading from existence.  The city where I live once boasted three bookstores in a five mile radius.  You could go in, find a book, drink some coffee (which I don’t – it tastes like dirt), and enjoy the ambiance.  There is one open now.  The sad part is, I appear to be the only person who truly misses them.  I think it’s sad when a bookstore closes.  Just imagine future generations of children who will not know the joy of picking up a real book, visiting a bookstore, or sitting on the carpet to hear a book read to them.  This is sad to me.  I have always had a deep desire to open a children’s bookstore but it would be a fool hearty endeavor today and I simply refuse to have an online bookstore.  You can’t compete with Amazon and you don’t get the same personal touch.  And so it is with nostalgia that I share with you some of my favorite images of bookstores!  Enjoy.

bookstore (1)

I typically wear my Cinderella costume but to each their own.



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