The Joy of Watching Children Read



There is nothing in the world that means more to me than the children in my life.  I adore children.  I love watching them play, talk, and work out problems.  I enjoy the way the child’s brain functions and how they view the world.  When my son was three he informed me that he thinks god must be a little boy because the world is filled with so many beautiful colors.  Children, he clarified for me, love lots of different colors.  It’s amazing to me that he viewed the world in such a way and impressed upon me the importance of childhood.  Now, with these children in my life I am blessed to have three different age groups in one home.  Teenage, young childhood, and a toddler.  This gives such a wide variety of reactions to situations and I am amazed by it.  My three year old niece is starting to tell stories when she looks at books, my five year old nephew is beginning to read, and my son has moved from adolescent books to more adult books.  He’s left behind the Wimpy Kid and has delved into The Lord of the Rings.  Yes, it’s a house filled with imagination and wonder.  Have you ever had the joy of watching a child realize the joy of reading?



  1. Being an ex-teacher I enjoyed this piece. I am so upset when I hear that a child has been turned off to reading. If you get chance read my little post on Pablo and you will get an indication of what I mean. My wife and I saw three children raised and that was a treat. Enjoy your daughter but watch out for they grow up quickly so relish each moment. We have two grandchildren and we are now experience this pleasure all over again. Having a house filled with imagination is the ultimate pleasure, May you continue to enjoy the fruits of parenthood.

    • Thank you so much for your post. I’ll be sure to check it out!

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