The Voice of an Era



Most literary critics agree that Jane Austen was the voice of her era.  She was the great social commentator and historians know more about her era because of her.  She poked fun at the conventions and ridiculous nature of the humans in her world.  So this got me thinking.  Who are the social commentators of other generations?  I can think of a few that come to mind straight away but when I get to today, I slip.  I cannot think of a single writer today that will be looked at as the voice of our generation.  There’s not a book that I would consider a future great book or a writer that has really captured today’s life.  However, I do believe the voice of this era has been captured.  It may not be in lively characters or romantic epic stories.  It is a different type of capture and certainly not one with a single voice of reason.  It is the voice of the mass human race.  We’re blogging, posting, and emailing our generation.  We’re the era of technology and for all eternity our struggles will be posted in cyber space.  Yes, I think we’re all the Austens of this era and we’re the voice that will one day be held in posterity.  Don’t you now feel quite special?



  1. Don’t forget wikipedia….collaboration of human knowledge!

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