Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?


Take the following quiz, be sure to write down your answers, and see who you are most like!  Have fun.

1.  Your friends invite you out for a night on the town.  You:

a. are the designated driver.  You don’t like the feeling of being drunk and besides who likes to have a hang over?

b. make some sort of joke about how you have something else to do and put off going out to stay inside and get some work done.

c. gladly go along but make sure all your friends behave themselves.

d. go happily and are considered the life of the party by everyone there.  That cute guy who tried to pick you up has another thing coming, though; you’ll never be won that easily.

e. go along and are shocked by the crude behavior of some of your friends.

2.  Your friend just confided in you that she is having an affair on her husband.  You:

a. tell her that she has to stop the affair immediately but hide your disgust with her behavior.

b. find the idea somewhat romantic but you decide to lighten the mood with a witty remark.

c. understand what it means to make a mistake but you make sure to tell her exactly what you would do in the same situation.

d. find the situation alarming and tell her as much.  It’s improper but you understand where she’s coming from, you never have liked her husband.

e. are shocked and alarmed, how could she act in such a way?

3.  You just ran into your high school bully at the store and she is insisting on talking to you.  You:

a. act properly and talk to her, you’d never let her know how bad she hurt your feelings in school.

b. use sarcasm and good joke to get out of the situation.  There’s no way you’re going to chat with someone who was so cruel to you.

c. turn on that charm of yours and end up having a lovely conversation.  You’re determined to make sure she understand what a great friend you could have been to her.

d. decide to go for broke and let her know exactly how she made you feel in high school.

e. speak to her kindly and feel sorry for the horrible life she has had to endure.

4. You have just come across the scene of a car accident.  It appears to have just happened and no authorities are there yet.  You:

a. go over the steps of CPR in your mind while you dial the authorities.  You don’t want to move anyone in case you harm them more.

b. get straight to work attempting to help the victims out of the crushed cars.  You use jokes to try to lift their spirits.

c. make sure everyone is okay and use your wit to keep them calm until the authorities arrive.

d. go for broke and jump right in to help out.  You know that some of these people are going to need more help than you can provide but you won’t let that get in your way of helping them.

e. stand by the side lines, you don’t want to get in anyone’s way.  Although you do think that if you’d get involved you could come out the hero.

5. The pie you just worked on for over an hour has been scorched and the dinner party is in less than an hour.  You:

a. take a deep breath and decide to make your famous brownies instead.  In 20 minutes you have a fabulous dessert and no one is the wiser.

b. will not let this get the better of you.  You decide to start all over again.  You’ll be late for the party but you will just let everyone know what happened.  It’s better that they laugh with you than at this horrible pie.

c. realize that you cannot possibly go without some form of a dessert and you certainly cannot go with flour all over your outfit.  You get cleaned up, dress in your fabulous summer dress, and stop at the local bakery on your way to the party.

d. decide to take the pie and show everyone what in the world just happened.  It will be great fun and you’ll stop and get something at the bakery on the way.

e. go into a full blown meltdown.  You have all these visions of everyone at the party attempting to eat your burnt pie and by the time you finally get over your meltdown you’re horribly late for the party.  You’ll call with apologies tomorrow.

6.  You were just informed that your friend’s birthday is this afternoon and you haven’t bought her a gift.  You:

a. head straight out to the store where you buy her a nice journal and pen set, she’s been talking about starting a journal for ages.

b. take pen in hand and write her a cute story about how her and her husband met.  You paste it on scrapbook paper and add ribbon.

c. go to the store and buy your friend those pearls you’ve been telling her she should be wearing.

d. head out to the store and buy your friend some joke items.  They’re quick and easy to buy and she’ll appreciate the humor.

e. buy your friend a lovely bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her house, she’ll go wild for them when she sees how amazing they are.

7.  You see a woman’s child put a candy bar in their pocket.  You:

a. quietly inform the mother at what you saw and hope that she will scold her child herself.

b. jokingly tell the mother what you just saw.

c. head to the manager and tell about what you just saw, no one should be stealing, you’d never allow such a thing.

d. wink at the kid and make a witty remark that lets him know he’s been caught.

e. have no idea what to do and have all these visions of the cops carting this little boy away.  You just ignore what you saw and leave the area quickly.

 8. You just saw your high school crush and have been told he’s single again.  You:

a. restrain the urge to say something, he may not even remember you.

b. strike up a conversation with him and realize he’s not quite as smart as you thought he was.  You resolve to email your sister with all the humor of the situation.

c. turn on the charm, you’ll get what you want in the end.

d. strike up a conversation with him and soon you’re both laughing.  You have a date next week.

e. turn shy and hope he comes up to you.  It’s as bad as being in high school all over again.

9.  You’re heading to a job interview when a car splashes you with mud.  You:

a. attempt to get yourself as clean as possible and ask to have the interview rescheduled.

b. head into the interview and make some jokes about your bad luck.  You know you’re hard work will show through all these layers of mud.

c. curse your bad luck but are determined to do the best you can.  You head in all muddy but the interview seems to go very well.

d. head into that interview, dripping wet.  You will not let some mud deter you from this fantastic job.  By the end of the interview, you are dry and the conversation is going great.  You end up getting the job.

e. are a no show for the interview.  You couldn’t figure out what was the proper thing to do in that situation.  There was no way you were walking in there looking like a drowned rat.

10. Your friends and family would describe you as:

a. practical and extremely conventional

b. creative and smart

c. witty and charming

d. spontaneous and humorous

e. naïve but sweet


Mostly A’s

You are: Elinor Dashwood  (Sense and Sensibility)


You’re practical and rely heavily on your common sense.  Your friends and family look to you for advice and consider you the rock that holds them together.  The downside of being there for everyone else, however, is that you have a tendency to bottle up your own emotions.

Mostly B’s

You are: Jane Austen herself


You’re creative and smart with a romantic spirit.  Your friends love your wit and sense of humor.  Everyone knows that you’re very hard working and persistent.  With a fantastic sense of humor, however, comes the occasional sarcastic remark.

Mostly C’s

You are: Emma Woodhouse (Emma)


You’re witty and charming.  You feel like your social graces are superior and rely heavily on your judgment to make decisions.  The downside is that you can be a little judgmental of others and sometimes are seen as being proud.

Mostly D’s

You are: Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Elizabeth 4

You’re spontaneous, lively, witty, and warm.  You’re a natural people magnet.  You have a vibrant sense of humor and love to laugh.  However, you’re extremely honest and always strive to stay poised.  The downside is that you can be a little quick to judge people but you will admit you’re mistake.

Mostly E’s

You are: Catherine Morland (Northager Abbey)


You’re very kind and sweet.  You believe the best in everyone and have a hard time figuring out people’s true motives.  However, you are often called naïve for all of this.

Please share your results.



  1. classicsjournal

    I was tied for B & C.

    • I made the quiz so I can’t really say but I think I am definitely more like Jane Austen than any of the other characters

  2. I think I’m a mix of Eleanor and Emma, with a few qualities of Lizzy thrown in. Cool quiz!

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