Daydream Believer

There is a side effect of reading.  It comes with the territory of being a book lover.  You daydream.  These daydreams can take on many forms.  Personally, I believe daydreaming is healthy.  It’s healthy for our sanity.  To dream that you are swept away into an alternate reality means that the stress of today can melt away from you.  A long time ago I watched a documentary on excessive daydreaming.  It was a show that devoted an entire hour on people who daydream to the point of it being a disability.  They’re not able to function in reality.  That’s not the daydreaming I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the mother of seven, whose house is a disaster, daydreaming of a quiet beach.  It’s able to help her get through her stress and makes her chaotic life bearable.  It’s the ten-year-old child whose daydreaming about getting his letter from Hogwarts.  This helps that child get through the stress, and let’s face it children have stress too, and function within the parameters of his reality.  It’s the wife of a soldier whose at war daydreaming about him coming home.  This helps her stay focused on the positive instead of dwelling on all the heart wrenching realities of her situation.  It’s our little innocent Catherine Morland daydreaming about far off adventures, that allows her to get through the humdrum daily routine of her life.  Daydreaming can be a healthy habit and I, for one, heartily agree to the practice of such a thing!


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