Holding for a Personal Touch



While I have been blogging this morning, I have been on hold waiting to be connected with a real person.  I have been on hold so long that I believe I now have a meaningful relationship with the robot woman who keeps telling me that my “call is very important”.  I believe what irks me more than anything else on the planet is robot people.  The ones that tell you to press 1 to get to a certain place and then you press 1 only to be connected to another robot that tells you press a 3.  By the time you are done pressing all the numbers, you end up on hold for at least 30 minutes and you have yet to reach a living breathing human being.  The one and only time I ever called any business and a person answered the phone I was dumbstruck.  I believe I asked “Are you human?”  The sad reality is that it is part of our world.  That lack of human contact.  I can do all my shopping online, work out of the comfort of my home, and even connect with friends via the internet.  While this has made it all very convenient, I am running out of excuses to get out of my jammies each morning. Just once I would love to have real human contact, the type of company where they know who you are.  You’re not a number or faceless minion that call their million and one hotlines.  They know who you are and what you need.  I miss the human contact of a bygone era.  Where the butcher knew how to slice your meat just right and the mailman came to the door.  Yes, I miss an era I was never part of and have nostalgic feelings about a milkman that has never come to my door.


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