Your Life the Book


I have often heard it said that you should write about what you know.  Jane Austen did it and it worked well for her.  Louise May Alcott did it and we know it worked for her.  So why wouldn’t it work for me?  My life is in many ways more fiction than reality and I doubt anyone would believe that I have lived what I have.  I have, through life, come in contact with some kooky critters and have worked jobs that fascinate those around me.  Yes, I am a woman who has had some fun.  I have worked as a 911 dispatcher and at a treatment center for teenagers with mental disorders.  I have sold items for a retired circus entertainer and have a long history in the theater.  I have had some fun.  What would your book read like?



  1. I think about this a lot, and am trying to collect the random stories from my life on my blog in order to figure it out.

    • I too think I should do it but I would love to put down more stories of my grandma and aunt’s lives than my own. Their’s were far more interesting, I think.

      • Just from the blurb you put in this post, I think you have a lot of interesting stories to tell! 🙂

      • That’s what I’m told by a lot of people. I guess I am a fairly interesting person. At least my son thinks so…he calls me quirky.

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