A Dreaded Event This Way Comes



Isabella cannot possibly enter the Morland family.  Her heart is not as pure as theirs and she would become an embarrassment to them all.  What a horrible flirt and devious.  I am completely convinced, now more than ever, that the entire Thorpe family is deceiving young Catherine and her brother.  They’re money hungry and hopefully it will come back to bite them in the rear.

I do, however, adore how Catherine is starting to see this in her friend.  She’s starting to realize that there is something off about how her friend functions.  And hooray for Mr. Tilney for attempting to take her blinders off.  “And did Isabella never change her mind before?”  I literally was nodding my head at the book.  Yes, yes, yes.  Catherine may not have completely seen it but Isabella has changed her mind at every turn of events.  It is her inconsistent nature that gives me a ray of hope that this little fool will not end up a Morland after all.

Again, I have to feel pity for our young friend.  She’s standing there, all excited that James has written Isabella back, only to come into a highly uncomfortable situation.  Yet again, it was a Thorpe that put her there.  Catherine’s parents have a large brood to support and she knows this, but to have her father’s motives questioned rightly hurt her feelings.  How dare a friend say such a thing.  I still think this entire family is working under the false pretense that Catherine and the Allens are closer than they are.  It could be the only explanation for the shock that Isabella felt on such a little sum.

The book has now gone into Volume Two and we’re going to start getting to the meat of Austen’s tale.  I look forward to reading more tonight.

Challenge: Volume 2 – Chapters 2  & 3


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