The Little Slice of Heaven



Everyone has their idea of the perfect place to be.  For instance, my aunt loves the ocean.  She loves the beach and the blue green water of Florida.  I, on the other hand, think of this with the beach: sand that burns my feet, the blazing sun, living creatures in the water that can EAT you, and of course having to see people who are way too old try to jam themselves into bikinis.  Yes, that’s my beach view.  It’s kind of funny considering I live in an area of America that has the most beaches.  My mother loves the country.  She wants nothing more than to have a farm.  She wants property and acres of profitable land.  This is how I view the country:  it stinks (come on lets face it, the country stinks), there’s cow landmines everywhere, you have to wake early, it’s all work, you have to drive forever to get to anything, and don’t even get me started on the cleaning of a barn.

So what is my ideal little slice of heaven?  The image above.  What is yours?


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  1. I’m with your aunt. I love the beach. I love living in Germany, but I really miss being able to drive to the beach sometimes.

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