Civil War With General Serta


I’m a simple pleasure kind of person.  Give me a good book, a quiet nook, and a comfy quilt and you have one happy woman.  I am not ashamed to say that I have not a single “sophisticated” love.  It is my belief that escargot should be illegal.  What I want to know is who picked up a snail and thought “I think I will eat this”.  If escargot and caviar are considered fine dining than I have no taste.  All wines taste the same to me and I have never understood what it means when people say a wine has body.  I have never had a facial, manicure, or pedicure.  I think personal grooming should be, well, personal.  I have no desire to have some stranger touch my feet.  I say all of this to help illustrate how much joy I got from a recent purchase.

For weeks now I have endured the agonizing torture of my pillow.  Yep, I said all of that up above just to talk about a pillow.  The fluff inside my pillow has been on a migratory journey every single night.  I fluff, I re-adjust, and I move it around several times a night; however, I always end up sleeping on 2″ of pillow while the opposite side looks like an inflated balloon.  Night after night, I have waged war with General Serta and I believe I have lost.  Today I threw in the towel.  I am done with it and I need a pillow I can count on.  Not an enemy but an ally in my struggle for a good night’s rest.  Today, I purchased a pillow.  A pillow that states “guaranteed to never go flat”.  I saw those big black letters like a ray of hope in my moment of sleepless gray.  I am so excited about my new purchase that it is taking everything in me not to go to bed right now.  It’s calling me, beckoning from my bed, “come lay upon my fluffy goodness”.  I just thought I would share my elation, as simple as it may be.


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