Isabella Thorpe is a Little Tramp


Yep, you read the title right.  I said it.  She’s a tramp.  I do believe that James Morland is about to suffer from a broken heart.  It also appears that I was wrong about the snake in the grass, when I’m wrong I admit it.  I am rambling and should make my posting follow a logical order.  So here will be my cliff notes version, in my desire to get to the meat of the reading I can provide no more.  You, therefore, must excuse my next few hasty remarks, I promise more subsistence will follow.

Catherine Morland is to visit that most romantic of places, Northanger Abbey.  She is to share a roof with the most desirable Mr. Tilney.  It’s an exciting prospect and one that is sure to help with the growth of the heroine.  I won’t even discuss the ridiculous nature of John Thorpe.  Where did he possibly propose to Catherine?  Poor Catherine she just can’t seem to shake this parasite.  Okay, okay, enough about Catherine.  I need to talk instead about Isabella Thorpe.

So to recap what was already said, she’s a tramp.  She’s about to break James Morland’s heart and lose Catherine as a friend.  Yes, Isabella is a detestable character.  “Yes, yes, there are more ways than one of our being sisters.”  This is the most tantalizing sentence ever written by Jane Austen.  Isabella knows Catherine’s feelings about Mr. Tilney.  Oh, poor Catherine and poor James.  This little hussy is about to wreak some serious havoc on their lives.  She’s all about the money.  She will do anything to increase her station in life and she doesn’t seem to care who she steps on to get there.  And Captain Tilney, oh don’t even get me started on this snake.   There’s something particularly vile about a man encroaching on another man’s woman.  That’s disgusting.  I find cheating deplorable and a horrid excuse for human behavior.  Of all the girls in Bath, he chooses the one that is engaged?  I literally said out loud “you have got to be kidding me”, causing many strange stares from my family.

Jane Austen is known for having deplorable characters.  Mr. Wickham, Mr. Collins, Willoughby (I think by far the most horrible Austen character…I can’t even put a Mr. in front of his name), and even Mr. Woodhouse.

What do you think makes a particularly nasty character?

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  1. Elly Cooke

    She is good at deplorable characters: I hate Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion, he’s such a sycophant (love that word).

    • She did do the deplorable characters justice, didn’t she?

      • Elly Cooke

        But also some of her characters are almost too good, like Anne and Jane. How can people be so perfect!

      • I think she enjoyed that duality in her stories. The good and bad thing. Willoughby vs. Brandon. It’s across the board.

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