The Posting That Has Nothing To Do With Books


There’s no possible way I can make this posting about books but I have to say something.  For years, we here in America have had to suffer the Housewives of whatever, the Kardashians, and even Bridezillas.  We have had to endure shows with so many bleeped out cuss words you can’t even make an intelligent sentence out of the words left.  We’ve quietly sat by and suffered having to mute or change the channel because a child walks in the room.  Along comes Duck Dynasty.  They’re rednecks 100% and make no claims to be anything else.  They’re also HIGHLY religious and a truly tight knit family.  Better yet, they don’t swear even once.  I have watched probably fifty episodes and I have yet to hear a single swear word.  Their children are respectful.  You’d never catch a Robertson boy with his underwear hanging out of his pants or one of their girls with daisy dukes on.  They’re good kids and are kept that way by a loving and supportive family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends).  The whole family is avid hunters, that’s their business.  They kill, yes, they hunt.  They don’t kill to kill, they kill to eat.  I can respect that.  They pray at the end of every show.  They worked themselves up from nothing to make a multi-million dollar empire and that deserves respect.  They don’t forget where they have come from, Phil and Kay still live in their double wide.  So here’s my beef.  There are those in America who are attempting (I say attempting because there’s no way they will be taken off) to get them removed from television because they don’t agree with the hunting and praying.  So here’s my point of view.  TURN THE CHANNEL.  It’s pretty simple.  We live in a country where we have freedom of choice and no one is forcing anyone to watch the show.  I believe in the freedom of speech and freedom of press.  It’s vital to the American way of life.  Those attempting to stop the first reality show that truly seems real is a stifling of this family’s first amendment rights.  They have the right to say what they will and pray how they will pray.  It’s also an attempt to stifle their second amendment rights to own a gun.  We’re having a war of words here in the States over gun control.  I’m all supportive of people who own guns for hunting purposes.  If they own guns to eat, than I am completely cool with it.  Could I shoot a gun?  No.  Could I kill an animal?  Not in this lifetime.  But I respect that this family does and they have a right to.  Besides all of this, they are absolutely hilarious.  Uncle Si could probably have his own show, he’s just completely off his rocker.  They are not forcing anyone to watch them and not apologizing for their way of life.

Okay, so that was my big rant for today.  How do you feel about this?

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