Which Austen Male Is Perfect for You


It is my belief that Jane Austen books are intended for a female audience.  Does this mean that men do not appreciate them?  Of course not.  The Prince Regent enjoyed her book immensely.  However, for the purpose of this quiz, I’m going to assume it is mostly women reading the book.  So enjoy the quiz.

1. You find yourself in a situation where you are not sure what to do.  You expect your man to:

a. stand back and let me figure it out.  He will respect my choices but if I need him he will quietly help.

b. give me advise and use humor to lift my spirits.

c. give me advise that I know I can count on.

d. swoop in and save the day.

2. We have a serious disagreement.  I know he will:

a. brood a bit but he will eventually see reason.

b. use his charm and humor to cheer me up.

c. tease me a bit but he will show compassion for my side of the story.

d. never rise in anger and remain in control the entire time.

3. We are trying to decide what movie to watch.  He will choose:

a. whatever I want.

b. a comedy.

c. a movie we can both agree upon.

d. a documentary on an intellectual topic.

4.  For Valentine’s Day he will get me:

a. jewelry but I will never know how much it cost.

b. a funny card and some flowers.

c. the one thing I’ve been asking for.

d. a romantic night out at a concert and dinner.

5.  The one thing I love the most about him is:

a. his good heart.

b. his sense of humor.

c. his kindness and compassion.

d. his intelligence and maturity.


Mostly A’s

Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice


He’s shy, intelligent, reserved, honest, proud, but has a deep good heart.

Mostly B’s

Mr. Tilney – Northanger Abbey


He’s honest, humorous, humble, sensitive, and respectful.

Mostly C’s

Mr. Knightley – Emma


He’s kind, compassionate, has good judgment, high morals, and loves to tease.

Mostly D’s

Colonel Brandon – Sense and Sensibility


He’s sensitive, quiet, intelligent, controlled, and highly mature.


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