Isabella Sold Her Soul for Ambition

Isabella's Letter Received

Isabella’s Letter Received

Oh that fevered imagination of Catherine Morland.  She had General Tilney keeping his wife captive or worse yet, murdering her.  She had herself so convinced of his guilt that she could not see his behavior as anything other than suspicious.  We do this even today.  How many times has a man been deemed guilty in the eyes of the media without a stitch of evidence?  Men have been sentenced to death because of this situation and yet we still do it.  I admit that I have judged a man guilty before without a trial or evidence.  It’s hard not to.  We cannot, therefore, blame Catherine for what she did.  Mr. Tilney, another testament to the goodness of this man, brought her around to see reason.  Even though he was rightfully angry with her, he could not have been kinder to her.  He was clearly concerned about her well being and that’s exciting for this reader.

Poor James Morland and poor innocent Catherine.  Isabella has finally done it, she’s sold her soul because of her ambition.  It doesn’t even sound promising that she’ll end up with what she wanted in the end anyways.  The shock that Catherine felt was not felt by this reader, however.  I knew Isabella to be hussy half way through this book.  It’s absurd to me that she even got away with her behavior this long with our protagonist.  However, it does signify Catherine’s naive nature.  Jane Austen, the all time best social commentary, seemed to abhor ambitious women as much as I do.  We still have them.  If you need proof, look no further than the parade of women who marry Hugh Hefner.  They may be in love but it’s not with the man.  I don’t know many twenty-year-olds that are attracted to the geriatric era.  Would these same women walk into a nursing home and choose a poor old man?  Would they marry Hefner if he lived in a double wide instead of a mansion?  The answer is of course a resounding no.  I detest these women and not because they are better off than I am.  If I am going to make a financial windfall it is going to be because of my hard work, my dedication, and my mind.  It certainly will never be because I sold my soul and body for a quick buck.  However, with that note, I will say that Isabella is about to reap the rewards of what she did.  Captain Tilney has no intention of marrying her at all.  You can tell that because of the reaction from his siblings.  They certainly cannot see him bringing home poor Isabella to their father and I have to say that this reader is happy for it.  Catherine deserves her Mr. Tilney and she certainly doesn’t deserve Isabella as a sister-in-law.

Challenge Chapters: Volume 2, Chapter 11-END

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