Catherine Morland Captured a Man

catherine morland


Well, our Mr. Tilney came through in the end.  Our protagonist was right about General Tilney being a jerk.  And Elinor finally found love.  Could you ask for a better ending to a book.  I adore Mr. and Mrs. Morland’s behavior throughout the final few pages of the book.  They may be dense but they are not ones to hold a grudge.  They’re concerned about their daughter but put everything into perspective nicely.  I adore this book.

I have to admit that I’ve always been a Jane Austen fan.  Her books make you feel good, deep into your soul.  You feel somehow refreshed, like there is hope in the world.  That love does prevail and that somehow a girl always gets her man.  Unless of course, you act like Isabella Thorpe.  How dare she write Catherine begging her to correct the error she made.  Good thing our little heroine grew in her knowledge of Isabella.  She knew better and certainly had no intention of fighting her case with James.

Jane Austen has filled many many hours of pleasant reading for this woman, over the years.  She has filled countless hours of joy for me and I absolutely adore her.  I will admit that the rest of the Austen books on my list I have read but who couldn’t read them over and over again?  It’s a lovely diversion.  I cannot wait to get back to them but I am eager to start the next books on the list!

I hope you have enjoyed Northanger Abbey with me and as we move onto War of the Worlds the tone and looks of this blog are about to shift.  I hope that you are as excited as me as we take another journey into the world of H.G. Wells.


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