What Could Three Little Ones Do To Save The Planet?

At the tender age of nine, my grandmother thought the world was ending.  It’s one of my favorite stories of my grandmothers and one of the main reasons I want to read this book so much.

At the age of 10,9,and 7 my grandmother and her two siblings were listening to their favorite dance show on the radio.  It was in the midst of the Great Depression and their father had passed away a few years back.  Their mother was raising three young children alone on the meager money she raised washing people’s laundry.  It was a simple era, before man landed on the moon and before aliens were part of our everyday culture.  It was before Area 51 became a pop culture phenomenon and before Neil Armstrong.  Yes, this was a simpler time.  In the middle of their program, a news bulletin comes across.  The unthinkable.  Aliens had landed on our planet.  To the already imaginative mind of three young children, it was the end of the world.  They freaked.

Now what I should probably tell you is that I come from a long line of strong women.  We’re truly fighters.  However, with this toughness comes a deep under current of common sense, honesty, and level-headedness.  I can be as whimsical as the next person but I have a level head and common sense.  I rely on my logic more than my heart.  It’s in my DNA.  Now, with that said, my great grandmother had three freaking out children.  What did she do?  She put their rears to bed.  My grandma always said she can remember her words.  “If there truly is aliens that landed on this planet, what could three little ones do to save the planet?  We have armies for that.  No rest your head and the sun will be up the same as always tomorrow.”

I remember my grandma telling me how they all huddled in one bed and were just quaking under their covers.  But her mother’s calm was enough to help sooth some of their pain.  I have included here the original Orson Welles radio broadcast, because that is where my journey with this book started!

Challenge Chapters – 1-13


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