Do You Know Who H.G. Wells Was?



Long before the over night sensations of Harry Potter and Twilight rocketed the authors to superstar status, we had H.G. Wells.  He was very well known in his day but here’s 10 facts that you may not know about this writer.

1 ) The Time Machine was an instant suc­cess, it has been described as an “overnight lit­er­ary sensation”.

2 ) Wells was a Social­ist and wrote his views in Out­line of History.

3 ) Wells revis­ited the theme of class con­flict in other books after The Time Machine.

4 ) Wells writ­ing out­put was amaz­ing, he pub­lished the The Island of Doc­tor Moreau in 1896,The Invis­i­ble Man in 1897 and The War of the Worlds in 1898. For a time, Wells’ aver­age was three books a year.

5 ) In 1938 Orson Wells broad­casted The War of the Worlds on radio claim­ing aliens landed in New Jer­sey and caused a mas­sive panic because the for­mat was that of news bulletins.

6 ) As a book reviewer for the Sat­ur­day Review, Wells endorsed James Joyce and Joseph Conrad.

7 ) Wells pub­lished a non-fiction book of his pre­dic­tions called Antic­i­pa­tions in which he fore­casted eco­nomic glob­al­iza­tion, rise of cities and sub­urbs as well as remark­able accu­rate pre­dic­tions of mil­i­tary conflicts.

8 ) The three vol­ume The Out­line of His­tory, pub­lished in 1920 was Wells’ best sell­ing work dur­ing his lifetime.

9 ) Being an inter­na­tion­ally famous author and intel­lec­tual helped Wells meet some impor­tant fig­ures dur­ing his trav­els. In 1920 he met Lenin and Trot­sky when he was in Rus­sia, a decade later he talked with Stalin and FDR.

10) Wells did not let mar­riage get in the way of hav­ing other rela­tion­ships. He had numer­ous affairs, some which bared chil­dren and lived apart from his wife.


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