We’ve Gotten A Little Too Heavy Here


Because we’ve gotten a little too serious on this blog today.  I’m a woman of deep convictions, I always have been and especially when I become enraged at something.  I am also a deep believer in speaking my mind.  So I would like to apologize for my lack of humor today, just too much yuck in the news lately.  It starts weighing heavy on me.  So I offer you a drink from my alien butler.  Because everyone needs an alien butler.  I adore this, if it wasn’t so dang expensive he would be making a debut at my next family dinner!  Love it.  If you happen to have deeper pockets than I do, you can purchase him here: http://www.designtoscano.com/product/code/CL5304.do#


1 Comment

  1. I know the feeling & no apologies necessary! Cheers to the alien butler! Lol.

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