CGI Has Ruined My Child


So I decided that if I am reading War of the Worlds I should watch the movie.  Now, I should probably explain that I have an aversion to Tom Cruise.  The whole jumping on the couch thing and the whole “hey, I’m in a cult and proud” thing, I just can’t watch him.  So, I decided to watch the 1953 version.  I didn’t want to watch it alone, so I dragged my son along for the ride.  Needless to say, my thirteen year old son who was born and raised on CGI thought it was the single best thing he had seen.  We laughed the entire movie and it is not a comedy.  First, the special effect…oh, the special effects.  Second, the sound effects were absolutely hilarious.  We love the “pew” sound of the lasers.  We’re now walking around the house doing that to each other.  I think we’re going to look into more alien movies from the 50’s, they are absolutely worth watching!




  1. I totally agree with you about Tom Cruise. However, my boyfriend is a huge sci-fi fan, so we ended up seeing Oblivion. I’m glad you & your son enjoyed the original War of the Worlds! 😀 I’ll have to check it out.

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