Five Animals That Are Examples of Aliens On Our Planet


1. Deep-Sea Hatchetfish.
This fish can live 3,600 meters below the sea, but it makes a nightly migration up near the surface to eat. Other fish may or may not have feelings, but hatchetfish definitely are creepy.


2. Blobfish
The name pretty much says it all. This fish just shouldn’t even exist. It floats without swimming, the bulbous mass being pushed along by the currents.


3. Axolotl
Personally, I have always found this little guy adorable. Found in Mexico City lates, this dweller can regenerate most its body parts.


4. Komondor
No, that is not a stack of hay on some poles. That is a dog jumping! It was declared one of Hungary’s national treasures. It is covered in protective cords and appears to be super absorbant.


5. Sea Pig
These odd-looking marine invertebrates live on the bottom of the deep ocean. This is probably the clearest example of alien life on our planet!



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