Theory on Royal Baby


Now, while I am of the belief that the Duchess of Cambridge is not over a due date, I do have another theory as to why the baby has not been born yet.  Would you?  If you were that child, would you be born?  Nope, I would stay put as long as possible.  I’d have to come out into a fishbowl world, flashes of cameras, and security.  Who in their right mind would be born to all of that?  Needless to say, the more logical explanation is that the media was fed the wrong due date.   I think this baby is such a big deal because of who the father is.  Not even that he is a prince or that the child will be the heir to the throne.  It is because its father is Prince William and we all conjure up images of the young man walking resolutely behind his mother’s casket.  Because all of us remember that awkward young boy who had so much sadness in his eyes.  I remember seeing an image of him, he was probably around 12, and he just looked so horribly sad.  There was no life in his eyes and you could see that his parents’ relationship had put a large burden on very young shoulders.  I think everyone feels a sense of motherly adoration for William and Harry.  It’s nice to see them finally having some happiness.  I like Kate.  I think she has brought a grounding to the royal family and made them human.  I’m just glad that William found a partner that he seems to honestly love, a far different scenario than his parents.


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