The Bookmark Makes the Book


If you are anything like me, you generally put any old paper you could find in your book to keep your spot.  Last month’s electric bill, your son’s report card, etc.  Anything will do.  However, every once in awhile it’s nice to have a good bookmark.  Something that really makes the book feel like a book.  Think of it as your book’s little black dress, if you will.  I found these bookmarks that just captured my imagination!

bookmarks3 bookmarks2 bookmarks1 bookmarks



  1. Love this – my boyfriend and I are engaged in a standing debate about the merits of bookmarks. I like them; they’re a cheeky bit of personality popping out of my book for those nosy people on the tube who I know are snooping on what I’m reading, whether it’s a bookmark from my favourite bookshop or a train ticket or scrap of paper. He thinks they’re pointless and is of the dog-earring school of thought. The debate rages on!

    • Well, I think you’re absolutely correct. I cannot stand the whole dog-earing thing. So you can tell him you have backup now!

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