The Firestorm of the Media



Now, while I will not even pretend that I kept up on the Trayvon Martin case, I will say this.  I am sick of it.  I am tired of every single channel, at any given time, having this as the only story they are talking about.  I understand that we have a race issue in this nation, trust me I completely get it.  I understand that the death of any teenager is a tragic event.  I also understand that George Zimmerman being acquitted is seen as quite an issue.  However, here’s the thing.  If the media would not keep focusing on it maybe the riots would stop.  I’m thinking that the constant coverage is adding fuel to an already boiling pot.  It’s just making thing worse.  Than you add to this flame the fact that our president calls a special news conference to discuss it.  I don’t know about you but I find the fact that the president is talking about a criminal trial unnerving.  It’s nothing to him and shouldn’t be, he wasn’t voted in to give his opinion on cases, he was voted in to be our leader.  This has gotten too far out of control.   I know there are going to be those that are going to nail me to the wall for this but it is my honest opinion.


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