A Deep and Profound Respect for Tolkien

J  R  R Tolkien


In my quirky need to research all authors, I had to research Tolkien.  I already respect the man.  Deeply and profoundly respect the man.  He was a man of imagination, wonder, and intelligence.  Yes, that’s the sort of man I can respect deeply!

Then I found this quote, which just summed up that I simply am inclined to adore this author:

“Children aren’t a class. They are merely human beings at different stages of maturity. All of them have a human intelligence which even at its lowest is a pretty wonderful thing, and the entire world in front of them.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

Any man that finds children’s minds that amazing, like I do, is definitely going to be on my top list of favorite authors.  I can feel it in my bones!


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