Royal Baby Watch Has Gotten Out of Control


Being a first time mom, near the end of your pregnancy, is a nerve wracking time in the best of situations.  It’s the moment when you realize that this little human you’ve been baking in there has to come out, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  It’s hard and psychologically draining.  You want to meet your child, hold your child, but oh dear lord do I really have to do that.  Yep, I’ve been there I know.  It’s not easy.  Now imagine going through all that and having the world watching!  Poor Kate.  I honestly feel for her.  All this speculation and world attention is on her belly.  That’s just insane.

Now, I understand the reasoning for this and I’m excited too.  I honestly am.  We all remember William in different times, the sadness and mourning, so it will be good to see him smiling.  I honestly understand that this baby is a new era for the royal family and all that comes with that.  I get it.  However, that baby will come when it comes.  It doesn’t care if the queen is taking a holiday and it certainly does not care that the world is awaiting its arrival.  Nope, that baby is going to come when it’s good and ready, whether that’s good timing or not!

So here’s what I propose.  Let’s allow this young couple the joy of the birth of their baby in peace.  Let’s allow this new mom to go into labor in comfort and peace.  And let’s allow this baby to be born in a joyous and loving moment.  The media, yet again, has taken this thing a bit too far!

They are speculating that the due date was incorrect that they were given.  Well, guess what?  It’s nobody’s business.  That’s right.  They may be royals and in the limelight all the time but this is one thing that is no one’s business.  They speculated that they left Bucklebury in a helicopter hastily.  Probably not.  They left because it was planned that they leave.  Again, just because they didn’t divulge this information to the media does not mean it wasn’t planned.  They don’t have to tell the world everything and they are entitled to their privacy.  William, of all people, understands this acutely.  When they are ready for the world to know, they’ll let us know.

With all that said, I still hope this baby is a girl.


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