We Are Entering The Shire


We are now entering Middle Earth and the beauty of Tolkien’s world.  We are about to start The Hobbit!  This is one that I am seriously excited about.  I believe that Tolkien is probably the biggest genius of his genre.  A more thorough author you’d be hard pressed to find.  My son read this book last year, as much as I hate admitting that he beat me to a classic, and he’s been begging me to pick it up.  He had a hobbit birthday, has hobbit games, and hobbit shirts.  Yes, he totally fell in love with this book and Tolkien.  Shortly after he read the book, we went to a local state park and throughout the entire time he was on a quest through Middle Earth.  I have never seen a book have that effect on my child.  The first thing I should probably tell you is that my son is nearly thirteen.  He’s an amazing reader, reading at a college reading level.  He always has been.  When most children were reading those first readers, my son was starting on Harry Potter.  When most kids were picking up Harry Potter for the first time, my son was starting on Tolkien.  Tolkien is no small task, the man was a gifted writer but he’s hard to read.  It takes brain power.  Now with all this giftedness in reading, you’d think my son would get excited about the books he reads, nope.  Not like he did with The Hobbit.  So with that said, I usher in my new blog theme and say hello to a new friend, Mr. Bilbo Baggins!

Challenge Chapters – 1 & 2


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