Bilbo Baggins and His Lovely Door




I want to live in a hobbit hole.  I honestly want to live in Bilbo’s home.  What a lovely little place.  However, while my imagination was heightened simply by the imagery, it was the doorknob that really hit home with me.  Yep, you read it right, a doorknob.  What a perfectly ordinary little thing and yet it brought a sense of home to this reader.

Every person, I believe, should have a fond memory of their childhood home.  It is the place that your mind can conjure when stressed and it will instantly have a calming effect.  I have such a place.  I am blessed with such a memory.  Growing up, I was able to live in pretty much the same house.  I can close my eyes and clearly see the blue house, red shutters, and the wrap around front porch that always welcomed me home.  Anyone who has ever lived in a home that is over a hundred years old will tell you the same thing, they are a little quirky.  Old homes have their fair share of quirky features and our home was no exception.  Even the house we live in now, being only forty years old, has quirks (every single electric socket is upside down).  My childhood home was blessed with a very unique front door.  Like Bilbo’s door, the knob was in the center.  This made for some very interesting moments.  Anytime someone would visit our house for the first time, eventually the conversation would turn to the “belly button” door.  My mom, in particular, adored this door.  When we moved, we almost brought it with us.  Every single holiday my mother would purchase these big plastic door hangers.  They were, essentially, large images that would cover the entire front door.  This led to us having a scarecrow that was VERY happy to greet visitors, the doorknob being strategically placed.  Yes, we had perverted scarecrows, Santas, and Easter Bunnies galore.

The doorknob aside, Tolkien’s first chapter is just glorious.  I knew I would adore this author before I even picked the book up.  However, I now believe he’s about even in my brain with Rowling (a pretty big honor).  The man used flummoxed twice!  How can I not love an author that uses the word flummoxed?  I simply adore that word.

You really feel sorry for poor little Bilbo Baggins.  The scene when all the dwarves were showing up made me literally laugh out loud.  I was reading this with my son in the room and he knew exactly what I was laughing at.  It’s just a very comical scene.  Humor is the ultimate sign of the talented writer in my mind.  I adore laughing.  It has been a good medication for me over the years and I would never abandon it.

Bilbo is a fascinating little being.  Stable and well aware of his social obligations.  He struggles to remain civil to these unexpected guests, even when his own patience is thinning.  I love this internal struggle that we are privy to with him.  This deep desire to stay put struggles with the hidden desire for adventure.  They both have an equal pull inside him.  I think we all have a little Baggins inside us that is constantly at war with our own little Took side.  We love the creature comforts of home but our souls all long for adventure.  It just depends on which side you choose to listen to.  My family has always called me their little gypsy girl because I love to be on the move.  I adore having a comfortable home but  my feet always itch for the next big adventure.  I want to see the world, if my bank account would just agree with me!


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