Defying All Logic



So what is a hobbit to do when adventure literally comes knocking on his door?  You go, of course.  Even though we see this glorious struggle that he’s having, in the end we all knew he would go.  We all sat back and and thought, who wouldn’t go.  Internally, our irresponsible travel hungry selves cheer for him.  It may defy all logic and reasoning but we know we all would have gone.

As the adventure begins , we feel his confusion, that’s the brilliance of Tolkien.  He allows us to swim in these palpable feelings of confusion, excitement, and resolution until our fingers are all pruney.  We also know that while he may be just a simple little hobbit, inside him beats the heart of a stalwart adventurer.  Some people create their own adventures but often the best ones are never intended.

I believe I was supposed to be a hobbit.  No, I do not have fury feet and I am probably a little taller.  However, I have always longed for the peaceful simple life that hobbits seem to enjoy.  With that said, I would definitely be a Took.  I could never be that settle for that length of time.  I would have to be Bilbo in order to really embrace it.  How can you ever really appreciate home if you never leave it?  I’d need a good adventure once in awhile.  However, for the most part I would be quite content to while away many days in the quiet joy and comfort of my hobbit hole.

As the adventure begins, we feel all the hope and aspirations of our little band of companions.  Now, we all know this cannot possibly last forever but it’s nice while it lasts.  We’ve all experienced a similar situation.  When we embark on an adventure so full of positive aspirations, only to have it eventually rain on our parade.  It’s a very common occurrence and that’s probably why Tolkien included such a moment, because we can all relate.  It’s the true test of anyone’s character.  To plow through the dark times and remember the light.  Does this mean that we should not embark on any adventures for fear of the bad times?  Absolutely not.  We should forge ahead into that great abyss of the unknown.  We should take that leap of faith every now and again.  You never know when you’ll sprout wings and fly.  So like Bilbo, go on an adventure and forge ahead, even there are trolls trying to roast you!


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