Well The Big Event Is Here

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Princess Cruises Ship Naming Ceremony

Well, the big event is under way and any mother is cringing for the poor thing.  The palace has released the following statement “”The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge.”  Now, the media is speculating when the announcement will be made. Geeze people, let her do anything without your speculation.  She’s a first time mom this could take many many hours.  It has to be very odd for her, the entire world knows she’s in labor right now.  It’s a very uncomfortable thing to begin with, a place with no shame, but to have the world know.  I don’t envy her at all.  The baby could also have been born already and they don’t want to let the world know.  I adore how everyone has made it front page news that they are doing this alone.  Would you want your family to face that media circus?  It’s bad enough they had to go through it!  I do like this couple and I’ll tell you why, they do their own thing.  They came on their own, to the hospital, and are making this entire thing their own.  I adore that gumption.  I still hope that this baby is a girl!  The one thing that we will not know right away, is of course a name.  They must choose carefully (and let’s not forget the child must have at least 20 different names.  Why are their names so long?).  It took Prince Charles and Princess Diana six days to release William’s name and you can expect this new couple to do their own thing!


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