Don’t Rain on My Parade


Don’t you just hate it when a Goblin comes along and rains on your parade?  Of course, when you think about it, life’s Goblins come in many forms and generally they stink as bad as Tolkien’s creations.  I have come across many Goblins in my life and none of them have been pleasant.  I’m talking, of course figurative Goblins, the Goblins of our own creations.  The unexpected car trouble Goblin, the job loss Goblin, and even the unrequited love Goblin. They all come brutishly along, plowing their way through our otherwise ordinary days.  They chop and pound at our existence and in the end you wonder how you made it through.  In the dark recesses of the mountain of life, they are the gate keepers you must pay in order to go along smoothly.

Wow, that spoke deeply of depression and I promise you, dear reader, that nothing could be further from the truth about me.  I’m a jovial person but I have had to fight to be that way.  I have had my dark days too but I am generally the “silver lining” finder in my family!

Tolkien creates for us a world so vast and detailed, that you find yourself accepting without question the things he says.  It’s fascinating to me how immersed you become in certain worlds.  Middle Earth is a land of variations.  Variations in landscape and inhabitants and to think it all exists in our mind.  Created of course by the genius of one man.  That’s exceptional in its own right.  You all know my adoration for Harry Potter and that’s a pretty a story that immerses you as well.  What other tales are there that are this full immersion into a world of someone else’s creation?

Chapter Challenge: 5 & 6


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