Gollum is a Junky



I am pretty sure that Gollum is on crack or something.  Now, I say this because I believe that the ring could clearly be seen as a drug.  Any drug you desire to put to it is fine with me.  He’s clearly a junky for this drug.  I know, I know, it’s a powerfully magical ring and not at all about drugs but let’s look at some facts here.  Gollum is obviously in panic mode when he realizes that his gift is gone.  He becomes frantic in his need for the ring.  He will kill for it.  He cannot possibly imagine his life without the ring in his possession.  It has become who he is and controls his every moment.  Sound like drug addiction yet?

Still not convinced?  Shall we move on?  The ring allows the wearer to feel safe and secure.  Yes, the ring makes them invisible but I’m speaking metaphorically here.  People who are addicted to drugs believe that drug makes them somehow better.  Better equipped to handle their day, their memories, their life.  Whatever it is, the drug allows the user to feel safe in some way.  When they are high, they don’t have to face the demons of their past.  When they are high, they can feel free to do what they like.  They are invincible by the very power of the drug.  Hmm, does this sound a little like Gollum yet?

Still not convinced?  Let’s move on to our young friend Bilbo.  Now, he has only had possession of the ring for a short while so the effects are not as easily seen.  What I can clearly see is the beginning stages of an addiction.  He’s lying to his friends.  He’s basically an honest little hobbit and he cherishes his friendships.  However, this ring has made him lie twice to his friends.  He feels that somehow he must not share this secret and that is very reminiscent of drug addiction.  They hide their addictions from the very people they claim to care the most for.

I could be totally off here, however, it just screams drug addiction to me.

Chapter Challenges: 7 & 8



  1. That makes so much sense. It’s not the only time something supernatural in a fantasy world has been compared to drug addiction, though it is more subtle than others. Willow in season 6 of Buffy with her magic addiction – including lying to people and using a spell to make Tera forget the promise she’s made about not using magic. That was rather more overt, though, and certainly intentional.

    • Fantasy books are filled with them, some are even the result of drug addictions. Alice in Wonderland, for example, was completely an opium induced brain that created it.

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