Getting Through the Mirkwood’s of Our Life


So, I just have to let you know something, I didn’t finish chapter eight.  I attempted it, I truly did, but my brain got fuzzy and sleepy.  I hate it when your brain just will not cooperate with what your heart wants to do.  I have, however, entered Mirkwood.  It is a clear metaphor for getting through those dark times in our lives.  We all have them and sometimes the only way through it, is just to forge ahead.  You can’t go around and you can’t go back, straight on through the middle is the best bet.  Eventually we’ll come out through the light.

I did, however, get to the point of the very large critters in Mirkwood.  Here’s the thing, I honestly know the fright of large bugs.  If you have ever lived in or been to Florida, large critters are not a new phenomenon.  Nope, they’re pretty much a daily event.  You have the palmetto bugs (which is just a polite term for a very large cockroach), wolf spiders, lubbers, and butterflies from hell.  Yep, we have them all and they don’t put that on the travel brochures.

palmettobugPalmetto bugs.  Oh those huge creepy crawlies that really put the creepy in the crawly.  That is absolutely no joke.  They will carry away your first born.  The first battle I had with a palmetto bug was in a warehouse I happened to be working in.  I was the general manager and so I ended up there alone with this monster bug.  I attempted to swoosh it out with a broom and the thing stood on its hind legs and started egging me on.  I am not kidding.  The dang thing was daring me.  I basically locked up the warehouse and went home!

wolfspiderbigWolf spiders are absolutely the things of nightmares.  There is no possible way to prevent them from entering your home, since no amount of pest control will kill them.  Nope, the only way to kill a wolf spider is with a very large shoe!  And they are quick, they are the cheetahs of the spider world! Our first time of having a wolf spider in our house was in the bathtub.  My son had gone in there and came screaming in the room that there was a huge spider in the tub.  Now, I must tell you that my son does not do bugs and he’s prone to over exaggeration when it comes to their size.  I figured spider, you know roughly the size of a small coin.  Nope, it was a wolf spider, roughly the size of an adult female’s hand!  I swear to you, on my life, it was the biggest spider I have ever seen.  Here we were, my mother and myself, in our pink jammies fighting Aragog from Harry Potter.  We tried washing it down the drain and it was swimming against the current.  It was taking a leisurely swim while I was freaking out.  It was horrible. We finally ended up killing it by spraying an entire bottle of wasp killer on it.  They are just so dang creepy.

The other two are just kind of kooky.  The lubbers are very large grasshoppers that eat EVERYTHING!  The worst that has happened to me with those is when one crawled up my leg.  The butterflies are huge, they are small bird size.  Unbelievable!

There are many other bugs down here that are just unbelievable but these are by far the worst!

Challenge Chapters – Finish Chapter 8 & 9


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