Illustrations Make The Childhood


It should come as a surprise to no one that I adore libraries.  All those books in a single place, it overwhelms my senses.  Since I was very little I have always felt a sense of comfort in those love rows of treasured tomes.  It is a home sensation for me.  Now, as a young child I ventured into the basement children’s location of our local library.  There I found a very special book.  Peter Pan illustrated by Michael Hague.  His images captured me in ways that hardly any other book had.  It was his illustrations of Neverland, in particular, that moved me.  Although I have hunted the entire internet, I simply cannot find this illustration.  So here, for you dear readers, I present some of the best illustrations.  These illustrations are all from some of my favorite books.  I hope you enjoy them.

Michael Hague

Michael Hague

Mary Grandpre - Harry Potter

Mary Grandpre – Harry Potter

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson – Beauty and the Beast

Richard Scarry - The Bunny Book

Richard Scarry – The Bunny Book

Jan Pienkowski - Fairy Tales

Jan Pienkowski – Fairy Tales


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