My Soul Breathes Autumn


“A few leaves came rustling down to remind them that outside autumn was coming on” – Tolkien, The Hobbit

I grew up in northeast Ohio.  Our small town was nestled in between Lake Erie and Pennsylvania.  That means we had icy winters, deep snows, and many months of grey skies.  However, it also had stunning autumns.  It’s the one season I truly miss living in Florida.  The smells of autumn still permeate my senses.  I can smell the mustiness of the leaves, the burning of wood, and the grapes being harvested for wine.  I can taste the fresh warm apple cider with the homemade vanilla ice cream on top.  The Concorde grapes still taste sweet upon my tongue.  The fresh tap water still tastes cool in my throat, chilled by the crisp autumn air.  Yes, Florida has sunshine by the buckets but autumn is in my bones.  It’s part of my soul.  I long to see the trees ablaze and to breath in that autumn air.  It’s part of my being and I truly miss it than I can ever express.

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