Tolkien Inspires a River Ride

therushing river

Tolkien is a gifted writer, no one can argue that point.  One of his greatest gifts is the painting of scenery.  This ability is put center stage in the barrel scene.  We can feel the rush, the movement of the river, and that is truly a gifted writer who can manage to make a reader motion sick.

Sometimes scenes are so brilliantly written that you just feel like you have to experience it.  I believe that a ride should be made in honor of this scene.  Not, of course, packing people into barrels but a water ride that perfectly simulates the moment.  Some scenes from books and movies have this impact on me.  The Ford Anglia of Harry Potter, the chocolate stream of Willy Wonka, and the decent into Wonderland of Alice.

What scenes would you like to take a ride into?

Challenge Chapters: 10&11


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