The Songs That Dwarves Sing


Throughout its nearly 300 pages, The Hobbit features nearly twenty songs.  This is an astounding feat for any author.  I have always been astounded by authors who can create songs in their works.  It just seems amazing to me.  Not only do they create entire worlds but they add songs to them!

Tolkien’s songs are detailed.  They speak of lore, history, and legends that are all his own creations.  That cannot possibly be an easy task.  It clearly shows the brilliance of this man.

Thanks to Tolkien’s sheer genius, we find ourselves with a richer volume.  Would the dwarves have seemed as joyous without their songs?  Would the elves have been as magical?  Of course not.  It is the songs that embellish the story and suck us in.  So, I top my hat to the lyricist that is Tolkien.


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