A Moment Can Change Everything


It should come as no surprise to anyone that this adventure has changed Bilbo Baggins.  He’s no longer the meek little hobbit he once was; worried about pocket-handkerchiefs, breakfasts, and smoke rings.  No, as Tolkien puts it “he was a very different hobbit.”  Of course he still scares but he’s also much wiser.  The unintended adventures usually have a way of doing that to someone.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” What a deliciously accurate quote.  It is absolutely correct, of course.  However, the problem usually is that you never seem to know that when you start out.

I will not get into the highly personal and rather mundane story of how I became a single parent, it is this event that was my moment of change.  I am such a vastly different person now than I was at that time.  Some of it, of course, is because I have aged, like a fine wine thank you very much!  But there is even more than that.  I am wiser, stronger, and more self-assured than I ever could have been before.  I hardly know that girl, she seems like a stranger to me now.  Things like that happen, matter of fact they have to happen.  It’s part of the experience we call life.  You have to be tested and tried, that’s how you’re able to get on with it.  While I wasn’t always able to see the beauty of that time in my life, I embrace it now.  It made me the woman I am today and I like her a great deal!  I wouldn’t trade that experience for all of Smaug’s treasure.


Challenge Chapters: Finish the Book!!


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