Never Laugh at a Live Dragon

"Never laugh at a live dragon." - Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

“Never laugh at a live dragon.” – Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

Tolkien relies heavily on ancient dragon lore from around the world, when he deals with Smaug.  However, there is a unique quality to this dragon.  Here are the things you need to know to survive an encounter with a dragon:

  • They can be very chatty.
  • They are cunning and you can easily be fooled by a dragon.
  • They know their treasure down to the ounce, removing a coin can be deadly.
  • They are quick to anger.  They have hot tempers (pun fully intended).
  • They adore riddle talk, the longer you keep them guessing the longer you stay alive!
  • They have a very keen sense of smell and remember the smell of certain creatures.
  • Dealing with a dragon can be very tricky!
  • When speaking with a dragon be aware of the dragon-spell.  The dragon will weave a tantalizing tale that will change the way you view the world around you.  You will begin to question everything you know.
  • They enjoy flattery, especially of their fierceness.
  • Never tell a dragon your proper name.  They have long memories and are prone to revenge.
  • They have deep dislike of dwarves, Smaug especially.
  • After laying for years upon years in their treasure they develop a thick armor of jewels on the underbelly.
  • They have a tendency to gloat.  If a dragon wishes to gloat, patiently listen.

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