The Overwhelming Power of Greed



It is becomes rather clear when reading The Hobbit which one of the deadly sins Tolkien viewed as the worst.  We see greed as an enduring theme throughout the book and realize that it is a nasty piece of work.  Smaug, the dwarves, and even Bilbo are greedy at times and it never brings out the best in them.  Greed.  Greed is what appears to make this world go around but it has this nasty little side effect.  In the end you are left with your money and that makes for a very lonely afterlife.  One of the sayings I use a lot is “I can’t take it with me.”  Meaning that I want to enjoy my money, I want to share my money.  I too view greed as the single most damaging sin around.  It causes strife among families and destroys friendship.  It has been the cause of war and death since the beginning of time.  Think about literature’s most disgusting beings and they all boil down to greed. Scrooge, Voldemort, Smaug, Willoughby, Wickham, Wicked Witch of the West, Lex Luthor, Tony Montana, and Charles Kane.  Greed greed greed!  It exists in the world and it’s all around us.

Have you ever had to deal with someone’s greed or have you had to fight the urge within yourself?


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