Now Enters Charles Dickens


February 7, 1812 is the birthday of one of Victorian England’s most famous author, Charles Dickens.  He was born in Landport, England as the second of eight children.  His family was often plagued by debt, as many large families often do.  When he was ten, Charles saw his father incarcerated in a debtor’s prison in London.  This had a profound effect on Dickens’ future fictional characters.  He’s often considered the socio-political commentator for the darker sides of the Victorian era.

Charles Dickens was a very famous author in his day.  His dramatic readings from his fiction were extremely popular, one of his most adoring fans was Queen Victorian herself.  Like celebrities today, fame took its toll on Dickens.  Fame drew him away from his wife of twenty-three years and into the arms of the young actress Ellen Ternan.  Even as a very ill man, Dickens continued his dramatic readings.  He died at his home on June 9, 1870.  He left The Mystery of Edwin Drood unfinished.

Here’s to Great Expectations!

Challenge Chapters 1 & 2


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